Religious School Open House 2023

Our award-winning Elaine Amromin Memorial Library is home to a wide-ranging collection of Jewish books.  It is a resource for all of our members, particularly for our Religious School and Adult Education programs.

In 2007, the late and long time TBD member and school teacher, Elaine Amromin, decided to take our library into her caring hands. At that time, it consisted of only a few scattered book piles and was underutilized. Even in an era where the internet wasn't as prevalent for children, our library lacked recognition. Elaine launched a campaign to collect book donations, organized the shelving, and generously contributed from her own funds to enhance the reading experience for TBD's members. In that same year, she took on the role of volunteer librarian for TBD.

Before long, Elaine welcomed Lauren Bailey, our current TBD librarian, as her student. She mentored Lauren, helping her earn a Master's in Library Science and equipping her with the skills to manage the library efficiently. 

Today, Lauren is our dedicated librarian. She is a cheerful librarian who not only knows our students but also directs them to their specific interests, igniting their curiosity within the various categories of books she has meticulously organized. In collaboration with Jerry Shuttman, she's in the process of establishing an improved online catalog for our TBD readers, enabling them to connect with our library from the comfort of their homes.

Lauren is available on Sundays, or by request, to check books out, read us a story, and tell us all about our digitalized catalogue of books, the latest of book donations, including the latest ones from Dr. Mindel Spiegel. Today, books like "The Golem" and Jewish cooking books, according to Lauren, are among the most popular choices.

Hours of Operation

Sunday 10:00AM-1:00PM

Please email the office at to make an appointment with our librarian.