Our award-winning Elaine Amromin Memorial Library is home to a wide-ranging collection of Jewish books.  It is a resource for all of our members, particularly for our Religious School and Adult Education programs.

In 2007, the late and long time TBD member and school teacher, Elaine Amromin, decided to take our library into her caring hands. At the time, the library was just a few piles of books. It was not used as much, and even though the internet was not as hyped for children as it is today, TBD’s library needed recognition. Elaine then started a campaign for book donations, helping with shelving, and donating from her personal funds for the betterment of TBD’s potential readership. It was late in that year, that she appointed herself the position of TBD’s volunteer librarian.

In no time, Elaine was sided by today’s TBD Librarian, Lauren Bailey. Elaine took Lauren under her wing, mentored her, and turned her into the striving to earn a Masters in Library Science young lady that she is today. Elaine taught Lauren to shelf, classify, categorize, search for books within the library, as well as reach out to the community with new and recommended books. (The Golem book, and Jewish cooking books, according to Lauren, happen to be most popular today).

The library, and by no means also TBD’s own library, according to Lauren, is important for progression in society. It is a center of learning, and a point of information. Last Sunday, in fact, Lauren recounted to our students how unlike Google, she has a personal understanding of her library visitors. She can “read” her “customers”, and direct them to different books, with a Jewishly Warm and Relevant interaction that the internet cannot do.

That, in reality, is Lauren- a smiling librarian, who knows our students, directs them to their point of interest, awakens their curiosity within the categories of books she has shelved, and, together with Jerry Shuttman, is creating an upscale online catalogue for our TBD readers to connect to our library, even from home.

Once safe to do so, Lauren will be available on Sundays, or by request, to check books out, to read us a story, to tell us all about our digitalized catalogue of books, the latest of book donations, including the latest ones from Dr. Mindel Spiegel.

Hours of Operation

Sunday 10:00AM-1:00PM

Please email the office at to make an appointment with our librarian.